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Helping #wisebutwearywomen defend their special needs child's rights and protect their lived ones with stress-free estate planning.

As moms and single women, you have a full plate. Work, children, family and other obligations take up your time. You know you need a will (maybe other estate planning documents) and, if your child receives special education services, you probably wonder if she really is receiving an appropriate education as required by law.

At Swann Law & Advocacy, we understand taking the first step is often the hardest and we try to make that first step as easy as possible. We have created an environment where working with us is comfortable and informative. In fact, working with us is like working with a friend – we’re with you every step of the way and we are always honest.

When you hire us, we become a team. We sit down with you, we listen, we include your thoughts, and we advise. We only accept a certain number of clients at one time so we can give each of you the attention you deserve.  

For those of you facing financial hardships, do not let that bump in the road stop you from reaching out to us. We understand life happens so we offer reduced pricing for special needs families needing a bit of help. Why? Because your child’s future depends on receiving an appropriate, meaningful education. 

We’re In This Together.

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Special Education Law & Advocacy

Dedicated to securing the educational rights of special needs students throughout South Carolina.

Estate Planning

Helping you protect your wishes and loved ones with stress-free and understandable estate planning.

You and your child deserve an advocate who listens and cares.

Do you worry about making a will and power of attorney documents because you don’t know where to start? Are you unsure about whether your child’s IEP is written to provide your child with an appropriate education? Do you get anxious just thinking about calling a law office?

Cross those worries off your list. You deserve a comfortable environment with the right people to support you and stand-up for your and your child’s rights.

That’s us. 

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