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A Better Way to Divorce or Separate for Yourself and Your Children

You thought you had your life planned out, but life happened and those plans changed. Now you find yourself facing a divorce and worrying about the stress and financial strain of going through the divorce process. 

There is a better way. 

When you make the choice to put your family first, going through a divorce can be less stressful and less of a financial burden. At Swann Law, we work with families who want to make the best decisions for your family instead of having a judge decide for you. After all, you know your family best. Whether you choose an uncontested divorce or mediation, you will be in control of your future, and we will right there with you throughout the divorce process.

Working together to decide how your property will be divided and how you will parent and support your children is the best way to divorce. You will save time, money, and heartache.

When you choose an uncontested divorce in South Carolina, we will make the process straightforward and comfortable.

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