Removing Confusion and Anxiety from Divorce

Does thinking about working with a divorce law firm conjure up feelings of stress, anxiety, and confusion? Probably so. Can the process be easier and less confusing? We believe so.

We have all heard the horror stories of divorce and family law – like long, drawn out battles, unexpected legal fees, and being left in the dark. Well, this is not our method.

At Swann Law we use a process to reduce confusion and anxiety typically associated with divorce.

First, our free 15-minute phone consultation provides an opportunity to chat and become comfortable with each other.

Next, we have an hour-long discovery meeting. Together, we will dive deep into your family and your goals. The information we learn allows us to develop a personalized divorce plan exclusively for you.

From here, we meet again for your strategy session. We will discuss your personalized plan. If you decide you are ready to move forward, as a team, we will complete your financial declaration and parenting plan and get your divorce rolling.

You will never be left to navigate your divorce alone.

What about those pesky, monthly legal bills? They are a thing of the past.

When you work with us, you will be billed with fixed fees, not hourly billing. Most family law firms bill for every minute they work on your case. Not us. You will know upfront how much your divorce, child custody, or visitation case will cost – allowing you to budget accordingly.

Why do we believe strongly in fixed fees? Because we prefer you pay us for our education, negotiation skills, and customer service – not the time it takes to draft a document.

Meeting times to fit your schedule.

You have children to care for, a household to run, and work to attend. Taking time off to meet your lawyer is not an easy task – especially when the law firm is only open from 8:00am – 5:00pm.

We understand when you take time off from work, you may be placing your pay and your job in jeopardy. We also want you to attend your child’s soccer games or school activities – not miss them for an attorney meeting.

So, to make scheduling (and life) a bit easier for you, we offer flexible meeting times. Possibly Tuesday evening or Saturday morning?

Divorce is difficult emotionally. Going through the process does not have to be.

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