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IEP Team Members

The most important member of your child’s IEP team is You. That’s right, you the parent(s). Why? Because you know your child best. You know his strengths and weaknesses. You are his best advocate.

Other than you, the required members of your child’s IEP team include:

  • At least one of your child’s special education teachers
  • At least one of your child’s regular education teachers
  • Someone who can interpret the evaluation results
  • A school district representative who is qualified to provide or supervise the special education instruction, is knowledgeable about the general education curriculum and is knowledgeable about resources within the district
  • Anyone who has knowledge or expertise about your child
  • Your child, when appropriate, but always when the team is considering your child’s transition needs

If you find the process of preparing for your child’s IEP meeting daunting, we are help to you. Simply contact us to schedule your Free 15-minute meet and greet and we will go from there.

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