Requesting an Educational Evaluation

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I think my child may have disability affecting her learning; how do I get her tested?

This is a common question. As parents, you watch your child struggling in school and wonder if she may have a disability affecting her learning. You have spoken to her teachers, helped her at home, yet, progress is slow, or not at all.

If you, as the parent suspect your child may have a disability you have the absolute right to ask your child’s school for a comprehensive educational evaluation. The request should be in writing and delivered to your child’s special education coordinator and principal. A typed letter, hand delivered is best.

In your letter, clearly specify your concerns and all the potential disability you believe should be evaluated. If you do not receive a response within a reasonable amount of time, send a follow-up written letter again asking for an educational evaluation..

Your child’s school has 60 days to conduct the individualized educational evaluation once you give your permission.

If you need help requesting an educational evaluation or your child’s school has denied your request, contact us today.

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