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Low Conflict Divorce

Helping you make the right decisions for yourself and your family

We understand going through a divorce was likely not your plan. First and foremost, you have not failed. Unfortunately, your marriage did not work out, but you and your soon to be ex-spouse are making the right decision by choosing to take the highroad with a low conflict divorce. 

When you work with us, we will support and guide you throughout the divorce process. We will help you make the difficult decisions without creating unnecessary conflict and legal fees. We will write a marital settlement agreement that considers most, if not all, future possibilities in an effort to keep you out of court in the future.

What is a Low Conflict Divorce?

A low conflict divorce may also be thought of as an uncontested or amicable divorce. You and your spouse may agree on all issues, such as property, debt, and alimony, and simply need an attorney to draft your agreement. Or, you may need some assistance negotiating particular items. The one area you and spouse do agree on with a low conflict divorce is that you want to separate amicably and without court involvement. 

Divorce With Less Stress and Reasonable Legal Fees in Beaufort, Charleston, and Colleton Counties


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