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Low Conflict Divorce

Move On With Less Stress and Without Going Into Debt

Divorce and Family Law Attorney in Beaufort, Charleston and surrounding areas

At Swann Law, we are dedicated to helping you navigate your low conflict divorce with planning and negotiations so you can start your new chapter with dignity and without going into debt. We firmly believe staying out of court as much as possible achieves better results for you and your family.  If you have children, fighting in court almost always has a negative effect on the child. Your child does not need to become the unintended victim of your divorce. Negotiating and reaching an agreement with your spouse is typically always the better option because you are in control of the important decisions for yourself and your family.

We are here to help you resolve your divorce and family law issues emotionally, legally and financially. 

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Frequently Asked Questions...and Answers

This is a difficult question to answer because each divorce and family law case is unique.  Unlike many divorce law firms, most of our services are billed as flat fees instead of by the hour. Flat fee billing allows you to know the cost of your legal fees upfront, with no surprises. At the conclusion of your Discovery Meeting, once we know your situation, we will explain your fees. To give you a ballpark idea of pricing, our uncontested divorces, without children start at $1,900.00.

No. We can only represent one of you. 

A low conflict divorce is one where you and your soon to be ex-spouse may not agree on everything, but you do agree neither one of you want a high conflict, long, expensive divorce. Low conflict divorces are better for numerous reasons: you have more energy to focus on your future and your kids, your social life is less likely to deteriorate, and your legal fees are much more reasonable. 

Divorce With Less Stress and Reasonable Flat Fees in Beaufort, Charleston, and surrounding areas


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