South Carolina School Discipline Attorney

South Carolina Education Attorney

We are here for you – listening and understanding your child’s story and supporting you as you protect your child’s rights.

When your child is facing school expulsion in South Carolina, he/she needs an advocate to protect their rights and their education. You also deserve a compassionate support team to help you navigate these unknown waters. 

When you work with Swann Law, you will work directly with Lila, our attorney. She will personally keep you informed by email and phone throughout your child’s education case. As a client, you can be assured we get to know your child as a person, not just a number on a case file. 

We promise to always be here for you and your child and to help your child receive the fairest outcome possible. We will make the school discipline process in South Carolina manageable, so you can focus on helping your child.

When you need help navigating school discipline in South Carolina, call Lila, our education attorney, today.

Education Practice Areas

  • School expulsions
  • School suspensions
  • Special Education

Benefits of Working with Swann Law

Virtual Meetings

Work with your education lawyer from wherever you and your child are most comfortable. There is no need for your child to visit a stuffy law office and spend his/her time in the waiting room. As your child’s education attorney, we can help you online and on your schedule. Or, Lila will meet with your child at a time and place that is convenient for him/her.

Relaxed Atmosphere

When your child is facing a disciplinary action in school, he/she needs to feel comfortable when speaking with an attorney. Lila is down-to-earth and easy to speak with, which will help your child explain his/her side of the story. When we know the entire story, we have the information necessary to help your child and his/her school reach a fair agreement. 

Client Care

We believe in treating you and your child as we would like to be treated – with courtesy and respect. You will always receive prompt returns of emails and voicemails, and you will never be left in the dark about your child’s school discipline case.

Direct Attorney Communication

As a client, you and your child will speak directly with Lila, our education attorney. You will never be “pushed off” to a paralegal or legal assistant. Lila will email and call you frequently to keep you informed of your child’s education case.

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