Fixed Fee Pricing

Family law and divorce fees are high, right?  Couple the high fees with hourly billing and you are often left in the dark on how to budget for your legal fees. We understand this scenario can be frustrating, especially during times of uncertainty. That’s why we offer fixed fee pricing.  Fixed fees allow you to know the total cost of your legal services upfront. 

We believe you should pay for our skills, knowledge, and customer care – not how long it takes to draft a document.
We also believe our time is better spent focusing on you and your family – not counting minutes and billing.

When you choose to work with Swann Law, you’ll receive a fee agreement outlining the cost of your family law case.  You will know what each stage will cost before making your decision.

In other words, no surprises and no unanticipated bills.

Next Steps

Schedule Your Free Phone Consultation

If you are ready to move forward with your family law or divorce legal matter, call us or complete the form below to schedule your free 15 minute phone consultation During the phone call, you’ll give Lila a brief overview of your family and your goals.  From there, we’ll decide if we believe we can work well together and whether we are the right family law firm for you.  You will not receive legal advice because we will not know enough information about your situation.  

Schedule Your Discovery Meeting

Your discovery meeting follows your phone call. The discovery meeting will last one hour, but if you need a bit longer to explain your situation, that’s okay, too.  During the meeting, you and Lila will dive deeper into your situation and your goals.  Lila will explain what you can expect to happen next. You will receive valuable information whether you hire us or not. Your discovery meeting costs $79 and can take place in our Beaufort, SC office or virtually.

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