School Records Review

IEP and 504 Attorney & Advocate

This is where it all starts – reviewing your child’s school record, including past IEPs and 504s

In order to advocate for and/or represent your special needs child well, we need the big picture view.  Typically we will review the past four years; however, depending on the age of your child and how long she has been receiving services, we may go back further.  

Reviewing your child’s school record provides us an opportunity to find potential problem areas with accommodations and identify areas that may need additional evaluations or information. We may also determine your child’s IEP or 504 is just how it should be and no further action needs to be taken.

Upon completion of the file review, you and Lila will meet for about one hour (a little more if needed) to discuss areas of concern and recommendations for proceeding.  You will also receive a complimentary Educational Protection Plan, a two-three page letter explaining our opinion for moving forward. 



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