IEP & 504 Meeting Strategy

South Carolina IEP & 504 Advocate Attorney

Many special needs parents have questions regarding IEP and 504 meetings. Our job is to answer those questions and provide you confidence to advocate for your child.

During your child’s IEP or 504 meeting if you feel as though it is you against the school, our strategy session can help eliminate this feeling. The goal of our IEP/504 strategy session is to arm you with a solid plan for attending the meeting. 

Prior to your special needs child’s IEP or 504 meeting you and Lila (our attorney) will meet for one hour to discuss questions to ask, meeting strategy, accommodations and services to request, your child’s strengths and weaknesses, and your concerns and goals. You will leave the meeting feeling informed and confident that you can advocate well for your child at the team meeting.

Following the IEP or 504 meeting you and Lila will meet again to discuss the results and develop a plan, if necessary, for any further action.

Be confident that you are helping your child in the best manner possible by being fully prepared at your next IEP or 504 meeting. We are here for you.


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