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Helping you navigate the legal process with the least amount of stress and heartache as possible.

Flat Fee Pricing

Our pricing is transparent. With flat fee pricing, you will know the cost of your legal fees upfront, with no surprises.

Flexible Meeting Times

With work and children, you have a busy life. To help you out, we offer meeting times outside typical business hours.

Custom Strategies

Every family is unique. After learning your story and goals, we'll design a strategy specific to your needs so you can move ahead to a healthy life.

Constant Communication

You should always be informed. We keep you up-to-date throughout your case and your attorney is always available to speak with you (at no additional cost).

Our goal at Swann Law is to guide you through your divorce with practical and effective legal advocacy along with a strong dose of care and compassion.

Lila H. Simpson


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