South Carolina Special Education FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers about Special Education

If your child is having trouble learning in school and you believe he/she may need special education services, you need to write a letter to your child’s school. Address the letter to the principal and the special education coordinator. In the letter, explain your concerns and ask the school to conduct an educational evaluation on your child.

The law is clear on IEP team members. First and foremost, as your child’s parent, you are an important member of the team. The other IEP team members must include at least one of your child’s regular education teachers, at least one of your child’s special education teachers or service providers, someone who can explain the implications of the evaluation results, a school district representative who is qualified to provide or supervise special ed, is knowledgeable about the general ed curriculum and is knowledge about district resources, and anyone else who has knowledge or expertise about your child. 

When appropriate, but always at transition meetings, your child should attend.

IEP meetings must be held at least once per year and when necessary. If your child is not making progress on his goals or his accommodations need to be changed, you may request an IEP meeting at any time. 

Yes. You are a member of the IEP team so the school must work with you to schedule the meetings. If the school schedules a meeting at a time that is not convenient for you, write the school, explain why you cannot attend at that time, and provide alternative dates and times. 

Sure. A few examples of related services are occupational therapy, speech therapy, counseling services, therapeutic recreation, and parent and teacher training.

In South Carolina, schools have 60 days to evaluate your child once you make the request or agree to the evaluation. 

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