South Carolina Special Education Lawyer

Representing the Student, Never the School District

Congratulations. You're In the right place if you're looking for a South Carolina Special Education Lawyer and Advocate who will help protect your child's educational rights.

At Swann Law, we are dedicated to helping special needs moms protect their child’s right to a free, appropriate public education (FAPE). 

Why work with a special education attorney and advocate?

As unbelievable as it may seam, sometimes your child’s school does not have his best interest in mind. This is not the direct fault of schools or teachers – it is simply the way our education system is set-up today. If you do not go to your child’s IEP meetings educated and prepared, your child may not receive the appropriate education he deserves.

Each time we help a special needs mom with her child’s education, we have three goals:

  1. To understand your child completely. This information comes from conversations with you, thoroughly reviewing your child’s educational record, and many times, speaking with your child.
  2. To educate you on special education law, IEPs, and services and accommodations so you can be confident each time you sit at the IEP team table. You are an important member of your child’s IEP team.
  3. To do everything we can to help your child receive the education that is his right by law. We want him to be ready for further education, employment, and independent living. 

How Swann Law Can Help You and Your Child?

  • IEP Coaching and Advocacy 
  • Requesting an educational evaluation
  • Requesting an independent educational evaluation (IEE)
  • Representation at discipline hearings
  • Representation at mediation
  • Filing due process complaints

What to expect when you contact us:

When you first call us, we will ask you:

  • Your name and your child’s name
  • If your child has an IEP 
  • If you believe your child needs special education
  • Your child’s age, grade, and school 
  • To provide a brief description of your concerns

We will then schedule your Discovery Meeting where you will meet with Lila, our special education attorney. The meeting typically lasts about 1.5 hours. During the meeting you will tell Lila about your child and your concerns with his school and Lila will provide you valuable information on South Carolina special education. 

If you're ready to speak with a South Carolina special education lawyer and advocate, call us today.


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