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At Swann Law, we are dedicated to helping special needs moms protect their child’s right to a free, appropriate public education (FAPE).  As unbelievable as it may seem, many schools are not providing children with disabilities the services and accommodations the children need to access their education. Unfortunately, this is just the way the educational system is operating today – it’s not the fault of all teachers and administrators. 

If you need help understanding the all important IEP or protecting your child’s educational rights against the school district, we are here for you. 

Education Services Designed To Help You

IEP Education

Learn all about IEPs. This is a 1.5 hour Discovery Meeting explaining all sections of an IEP and answering your special education questions.

Education Analysis

We deep dive into your child's educational record, give you a custom report, and develop a customized strategy for moving forward.

IEP Coaching

We work along side you from start to finish, giving you the tools and security to walk into the IEP meeting ready to stand-up for your child's rights.

Due Process

Sometimes you have no choice but legal action to protect your child. If this happens to you, I will vigorously advocate for your child's education.

Are you experiencing any of these challenges?

As your child’s parent or guardian, you are being left out of the IEP decision making process.

Your child’s teachers and IEP team are not following the IEP as written and your child’s education is suffering.

Your child’s goals are generic, and not written to his individual needs. 

The school tells you they cannot provide services and accommodations you know your child needs.

You believe your child has a disability but you’ hit roadblocks when you ask for an educational evaluation.

The school sends your child home earlier or has placed him on shortened days due to his behavior. 

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