South Carolina Uncontested Divorce

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A Calm Approach to Divorce

Choosing to divorce is difficult. Your relationship has probably consisted of sadness, frustration, and confusion over the past months or years.  When you have decided it’s time for a new life, why continue down the same negative road? At Swann Law, we want to help you navigate the uncontested divorce process as calmly and efficiently as possible so you can leave your sadness and frustration in the past.  

We encourage spouses in South Carolina toward an uncontested divorce whenever possible. Our goal is to always help you focus on moving forward for the betterment of your children and yourself.

South Carolina Uncontested Divorce

From the moment you contact us, we begin helping you navigate the South Carolina uncontested divorce process. We explain the decisions you need to make and how those decisions will affect the future of you and your child. Next, we draft your divorce settlement agreement and other legal documents. Finally, once you and your spouse have both signed the divorce agreement, we file the divorce papers with the South Carolina Family Court and prepare you for your final hearing. 

Helping Families Efficiently Resolve an Uncontested Divorce Throughout South Carolina

Next Step

Contact us and provide basic information about your situation.

In 24 hours or less, we will either schedule your free 15-minute phone consultation, or point you in the direction of someone who may be able to help if we cannot.

After your initial call, if you choose, we will schedule your Discovery Meeting – an hour long meeting to deep dive into your divorce or child custody case.

If we decide to work together, a Strategy Session will take place about a week after your Discovery Meeting. We will review documents and the strategy for moving forward. 

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