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A Rational and Calm Approach to Divorce

Divorcing is difficult long before you begin the actual divorce process. The past months or years of your marriage has likely been a mixture of heated arguments, loneliness, confusion, and tears. Why continue those emotions now that you are ready to start your new life? Swann Law was formed to help you navigate divorce as calmly and efficiently as possible.  At no time do we want to be an added instigator to an already trying time. 

We encourage uncontested divorces whenever possible because we prefer to help you focus on moving forward for the betterment of your children and yourself. 

How Uncontested Divorce Works

From the moment you contact us, we begin helping you navigate your uncontested divorce. We will explain the decisions you need to make and the affect these decisions will have on you in the future. Next, we will draft your divorce settlement agreement and other legal documents. Finally, we file the paperwork with the Family Court and prepare you for your final hearing. Our uncontested divorce process is efficient and calm.

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Divorce can be okay.

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